'Undercover Boss:' Forman Mills CEO Buys Worker $250K House

'Undercover Boss:' Forman Mills CEO Buys Worker $250K House
'Undercover Boss:' Forman Mills CEO Buys Worker $250K House

On Sunday night's episode of "Undercover Boss," Forman Mills CEO Rick Forman donned a disguise to check up on a few of his employees.

He trained under four great workers - hard working sales associate Mshinda.

Elizabeth, whose baby's father tragically killed himself two years ago.

Nikia, a single mom struggling to support her daughter who has down syndrome.

And Curtis, a former alcoholic who was homeless at one point.

When Forman finally revealed himself, they couldn't believe their eyes, especially Elizabeth.
"Get the crap outta here!" said Elizabeth on "Undercover Boss."

And then, Forman revealed how he planned to make work and life a lot easier for each of them.

He promised Mshinda a much-deserved promotion, a $25,000 raise and a trip to Disney World for her and her kids.

"Wow," said Mshinda.
For Elizabeth, he promised to put $5,000 away for each of her kids' college funds.
"That's perfect," said Elizabeth.

Nikia was rewarded with a promotion and $15,000 to help her move out of the projects and into a better home.
"Oh my god, thank you!" said Nikia.

And an emotional Curtis got his salary doubled, and Forman offered to buy him a house worth up to $250,000 wherever he wants.

"Oooh," Curtis cried.

And Forman told the Cherry Hill Courier Post he got something out of it too. "I found really good people who come to work every day. The job means everything to them. It's not just a business, it's a community."

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