The SAG Awards most awkward moments

The SAG Awards Red Carpet's Most Awkward Moments
The SAG Awards Red Carpet's Most Awkward Moments

What's an A-lister awards show without some serious flubs? These are our fav fails from Sunday night's SAG awards.

From an unintentional applause track...

"And the actor goes to... What was that noise? It wasn't me..."

To a convo-caught-on-mic...

"Mark Ruffalo."
"'s a no show... right? Uh."

To trip-ups...

"Ah! My God...Wow."

We'll end on this. Because it would've been a fail if Zach Galifianakis hadn't saved it so beautifully.

"When I was on 'As The World Turns,' yeah!

"When I was on 'As The World Turns'..."

Those were our favorite Screen Actors Guild award fails, flubs - whatever you want to call them, we loved watching them.

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