Never mess up winged eyeliner again

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By Politics of Pretty

Never mess up winged eyeliner
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Never mess up winged eyeliner again

This tool really takes the work out of creating dramatic eye looks by providing an easy ruler for a perfectly lined eye. Simply hold the ruler side of the guard at the outer corner of the eye and lie the brush against card and draw out liner.

(Photo: Politics of Pretty)

One of my biggest pet peeves when I apply makeup is dealing with excess shadow that falls under my eye. It can be time consuming to remove, especially if glitter shadow is involved. The Makeup Guard has become a catch all for excess eye shadow.

(Photo: Politics of Pretty)

Extended eyeliner has, and still is a challenge for me. I equate creating cat eyes and winged liner to geometry (and for the record, I was never good in geometry class).

(Photo: Politics of Pretty)

It also works extremely well if you need help with lining the inner corners too.

(Photo: Politics of Pretty)


When it comes to applying makeup, I need all the help I can get. It takes a village people! Unfortunately, I can't call on the village every time I get ready. Luckily, I have some help from an essential eye makeup tool called The Makeup Guard, which nips two common eye makeup snafus. Click through the slideshow above to learn how The Makeup Guard works.

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