Injured Legion of Boom members unworried

Seahawks CB: Gronk's Not That Good
Seahawks CB: Gronk's Not That Good

PHOENIX (AP) -- The two All-Pros in the Legion of Boom promise they'll be ready and "fearless" for the Super Bowl.

Seattle safety Earl Thomas (separated left shoulder) and cornerback Richard Sherman (left elbow) are damaged goods, suffering injuries in the NFC championship overtime victory against Green Bay. On Sunday, they showed little to no concern about how they will feel - and perform - against the New England Patriots.

"If my mental is right, my body just mirrors that," said Thomas, who returned to practice Friday. "It's a lot to deal with, my first major injury. I got the big picture.

"When I come alive nothing is limited. I can still play fearless and throw my body around and whatever happens, happens."

Pretty much what Sherman had to say, too, when the Seahawks arrived in Phoenix.

"It's getting better," Sherman said of the elbow. "I had a good week of practice so it should be good. I've been able to move it a lot better than I did earlier."

Seattle's superb secondary is aggressive, deep and versatile, with strong safety Kam Chancellor a perfect complement to the All-Pros, and Byron Maxwell solid on the corner opposite Sherman. That unit often gives the Seahawks an edge against opponents, and this opponent, particularly Tom Brady throwing to Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman, is as dangerous as they come.

"They are the only team in our way. They are definitely dangerous," Thomas said. "Tom is a general. He understands the game so well. His pocket presence is smooth. He doesn't predetermine too much. He kind of flows with the game and that is why he has been so great."

Sherman and Thomas have been that, too, in the past two seasons. Perhaps only New England's Darrelle Revis can match Sherman as a cover cornerback, and Thomas is, by far, the most well-rounded safety in the league.

Of course, that's when they are at or near full-strength. Will they be on Sunday?

Coach Pete Carroll is confident they will be, well, boomers.

"Richard practiced in all the practices and he looks to be fine," Carroll said. "He still has an elbow to take care of, but he's practiced well. Earl practiced (Saturday), the day before and got the last day of practice in and looked fine. Both those guys are scheduled to play and should be OK. They have to deal with their issues, but they'll be playing in the football game."

Thomas is certain they will be playing as effectively as ever.

"We can do whatever we want to do if we are all together," Thomas said. "We haven't lost sight of the same mindset that got us here. No matter what misdirection we may give off. We still know who we are."

The Seahawks also know the Patriots are no slouches in the secondary, either. Revis is an All-Pro, Devin McCourty is solid, and former Seahawk Brandon Browner starts at cornerback opposite Revis.

Jermaine Kearse, who caught the winning touchdown passes from Russell Wilson in the last two NFC title games, knows just what he and the Seattle receivers will face.

"It's going to be exciting to go against BB, especially in a game like this," Kearse said. "Going against him last year in practice with stuff, he's a real competitive guy and I feel like our guys are extremely competitive as well, so I think we will be looking forward to the matchup.

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