'Death test' could predict chance of dying within 30 days

'Death-Test' Could Predict Chance Of Dying Within 30 Days
'Death-Test' Could Predict Chance Of Dying Within 30 Days

Ever wonder how long you have to live? Well, thanks to a new test developed by Australian researchers, some U.S. senior citizens may now be able to find out.

CriSTAL-- short for the Criteria for Screening and Triaging to appropriate Alternative Care -- weighs 29 different factors to determine what a person's chances of dying are in the next 30 days. The criteria ranges from "Being admitted via emergency this hospitalization" to "Myocardial infarction." After just 5 or 10 minutes, this information is then used to decide whether or not the patient should remain hospitalized or sent home.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the test was created in order to save families unnecessary and costly health services as well as increase time spent with loved ones.

Dr. Magnolia cardona-morrell, the leading researcher behind the death test, says, "Most terminally ill people want to die at home, but in fact three quarters end up dying in acute hospitals, often after intrusive, expensive and ultimately pointless medical procedures."

Yet the test will benefit more than just families and their loved ones. The Telegraph says that medical staff will also be relieved of the pressure to keep patients alive under any circumstance, and as Cardona-Morrell explains, it allows physicians to be more "transparent" with their patients.

Researchers hope the procedure will be used in more hospitals in the future.

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