Dad fights off escaped inmate with T-ball bat

Dad Fights Off Escaped Inmate With T-Ball Bat
Dad Fights Off Escaped Inmate With T-Ball Bat

A New Hampshire father took on a very brave task to protect his family.

Mark Chetwynd was outside building a snowman with his 7-year-old daughter when he saw a man in an orange jumpsuit running from police.

It was Tyler Beliveau, an inmate who escaped custody while getting x-rays.

He reportedly ran from the hospital and eventually ended up in Mark's neighborhood. At first Tyler tried to break into the home.

His daughter explained, "Daddy yelled, 'lock the door, lock the door' and mommy wouldn't."

And his wife said, "It was right then I heard someone pounding on the back door of our home and at that point my fear was being trapped inside my house with someone and being a hostage with my child and not being able to protect ourselves, so we just kind of huddled on the front porch, Claire and I."

Then he attempted to steal Mark's truck. Mark told Fox News he stayed outside, grabbed a T-ball bat and took action.

"As he was trying to shut it I had it right here so he couldn't close it. I was about in the back of the truck when I gave him a whack or two."

Then police tasered Tyler and he fell out of the truck. But then he tried to run again and failed. Tyler is now facing new charges.