New Carl's Jr. Super Bowl ad may be most risque to date

Carl Jr.'s Continues Tradition Of Releasing Controversial Super Bowl Ads
Carl Jr.'s Continues Tradition Of Releasing Controversial Super Bowl Ads

Carl's Jr. is certainly not opposed to shocking America with saucy ads -- and we're not talking about how much ketchup is on their burgers. This year, the fast food chain has outdone themselves by going "au naturel."

Blonde bombshell Charlotte McKinney stars in a new spot that certainly has tongues wagging and people tsktsking. In the steamy clip, McKinney struts through an outdoor market in what appears to be her birthday suit.

As people drool, Charlotte bounces along with only melons to cover her modesty. At the very end, Charlotte reveals that she's been clothed all along in an itty-bitty bikini top and tiny shorts. As for why she's being compared to Kate Upton, well ... you can probably figure that one out yourself. Kate Upton's 2012 Carl's Jr. ad was so risque, it never actually aired during the Super Bowl.

Whether she makes it to TV or not, Charlotte is a model on the move. She has a Guess campaign, and she has heated up the web with bikini shots. When asked about Kate Upton similarities, she says simply: "I'm my own person."

Yahoo News notes that ads like this are definitely the brand's bread and butter. "Previous commercials featuring Kate Upton, Paris Hilton and Heidi Klum have been so racy, they prompted critics to create the hashtag #WomenAreMoreThanMeat."

Bleacher Report writes that the commercial is actually too hot for some markets, and will only air in Western states, if at all. NY Daily News explains: "Some media analysts are already predicting the racy ad could suffer the same fate as Kate Upton's Carl's Jr. ad from 2012."

Either way, the ad certainly won't be hurting for views; It's already racked up a million on YouTube.

Check out the extended (not totally safe for work) video here:

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