Carlos Santana's nephew wows judges on 'American Idol'

Carlos Santana's Nephew Wows Judges on 'American Idol'

The nephew of music legend Carlos Santana auditioned to be the next "American Idol" during the show's stop in New Orleans.

But it was Adam Lasher's own talent and amazing guitar skills that floored all three judges and earned him a ticket to Hollywood Thursday.

"I realized I don't fit inside these shoes, I feel love when I got much less to lose," sang Lasher on "American Idol."

Lasher sang and played "These Shoes," a song he had written. And he killed the audition, even with that bulky cast on his right hand.

The 27-year-old singer/songwriter told Ryan Seacrest earlier in the episode he broke his hand skateboarding.

And just when the judges thought Lasher couldn't get any cooler, Jennifer Lopez determined he looks just like Jimmy Fallon underneath that beard and all that hair. Amazing.

Surprisingly, none of the judges even mentioned Lasher's other, slightly more awesome celebrity connection.

And, odds are, it was his talent and his talent alone helping him secure that coveted golden ticket to the Hollywood rounds.

As a writer for Bustle noted, "Lasher is a talented performer in his own right. He was able to separate himself from the shadow of a famous uncle and establish himself as his own artist."

But Lasher's Uncle Carlos helped him out more than you'd think.

He admitted he got music lessons from Santana himself, and he said he sees his uncle as "a Jedi with a guitar."

A Jedi with a guitar - that may be the best descriptor of Carlos Santana we've ever heard. Let's hope the force is strong with his nephew. (Video via Arista Records / Carlos Santana)

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