Meet the new 'Gerber' baby

Meet The Adorable New Gerber Baby

Meet 7-month-old Grace from East Petersburg, Pennsylvania . Gerber picked her out of 180 thousand tots to be the new face of the iconic brand.

In the 5th annual Gerber "Be Our Baby Photo Search," a panel of judges reviewed photos of children from birth to preschool age. The wanted children who displayed expressiveness and the chubby-cheeks-adorable-factor we've come to associate with Gerber's heritage.


In the last five years of the photo search, Gerber has celebrated six other precious kiddos, from a dimpled, smiling two-year old in 2010 to a pair of charming twins in 2013.

Resting her head on her hands and sporting the cutest smile, its easy to see why the blue-eyed babe won the contest. The judges said Grace's captivating charm ultimately stole their hearts.

The "spokesbaby" and her parents will receive $50,000, and one year of Gerber Baby Food.

In her first television appearance on the "Today Show," Grace is too adorable for words, and Hoda can hardly handle it.

The photo competition is a new thing, but for more than eight decades the baby food featured the same iconic sketch on all its products. Ann Turner Cook, now 87, became the first Gerber model in 1928, and her trademarked portrait has appeared on millions of jars of the baby food and other Gerber products over the years.

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