Dead squirrel ruins broadcast

Dead Squirrel Paraded On Live Television
Dead Squirrel Paraded On Live Television

ITV's Romilly Weeks was reporting in front of London's House Parliament on Wednesday when for no apparent reason a man crossed the frame with the dead squirrel. Viewers were instantly distracted, and apparently so was Weeks when she watched the segment later in the day.

"Oh dear," she tweeted. "Upstaged on the lunchtime news by a dead squirrel."

Turns out, Wednesday was Squirrel Appreciation Day, and when Weeks found out she posted, "Would have thought they'd prefer to be appreciated alive."

Weeks is far from the first reporter to be upstaged by what's going on the background. Back in 2013, WFXT was reporting on a blizzard when what looks like a drug deal goes down not a hundred feet behind the reporter. However, better to be unaware of drugs behind you than to accidentally use those drugs. Case in point, the BBC reporter who completely lost it after standing too close to a pile of burning heroin.

If you had to choose between a dead squirrel and burning heroin, dead squirrel may be the safer choice. But a quick note: if you find a dead squirrel, or any dead animal for that matter, you should never touch it, let alone parade it across a live international news broadcast.

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