Coast guard helicopter lands in Target parking lot

Coast Guard Helicopter Lands in Target Parking Lot
Coast Guard Helicopter Lands in Target Parking Lot

Video captured Thursday night from a Target parking lot in Kemah, Texas shows a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter had to make an emergency landing.

Apparently, the chopper hit a bird -- forcing that emergency landing, which thankfully didn't result in any injuries for any of the four crew members.

Those on board were very lucky, as birds have the potential to do some serious damage to both helicopters and airplanes.

A couple years ago, a vulture struck a Miami-Dade police helicopter midair. The impact shattered the windshield. In that case, the pilot was able to safely land the chopper.

Instances like this are not extremely common, and the impact of the collision can have severe impact on the aircraft.

As The Verge points out though, "more than 1,000 precautionary landings or delayed takeoffs each year" due to so-called "bird strikes."

As for this most recent incident, the helicopter is expected to remain in the parking lot until it's inspected Friday.

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