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Nick Young is not an acquired taste. His playing style can be erratic, his personality often irrational - this guy is in your face. All the time.

You either love him or you hate him.

I'll admit I never really noticed him on any other team. As a sixth man, he once dropped 30 points on the Lakers in 2010, but I didn't know that until now.

The Wizards drafted him 16th overall in the 2007 draft, which is just low enough to where he flew under the radar. In a twisted way, it feels fitting that he'll forever be part of that '07 class, the one where Greg Oden topped Kevin Durant as the first pick. Boy, how things have changed.

Young has moved up in the world, taking on an alter-ego, being dubbed the "NBA's New Rock Star" in Rolling Stone, and even being profiled by revered Sports Illustrated writer Lee Jenkins.

If you can't tell, I'm slightly infatuated. In sports, I'm naturally drawn to the storylines above everything else, and Nick Young has quite the story. In fact, oftentimes he is the story.

From the wacky, off-the-cuff quotes he feeds reporters to his seemingly magical rise to stardom on a struggling team to the pure joy he displays on the hardwood, it never gets old. There's a reason why I've mentioned him in past posts (here, here and here).

He's definitely on my shortlist of NBA players I'd invite to my birthday party. He's the most entertaining Laker I've ever seen play in my lifetime besides Metta World Peace and Shaq.

If Kobe wasn't Kobe, Young would be the team's leading scorer. He may not boost your fantasy team points much nor will he single-handedly lead the Lakers to a championship any time soon, but he will entertain. I dare you to watch him play and try not to crack a smile.

Be on the lookout for his TV series, too. Stay swaggy.

Alysha Tsuji is a senior Journalism major at Pepperdine University. Her passion lies in sports media, namely when it comes to covering the NBA. Follow her on Twitter: @AlyshaTsuji​​
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