You're probably not thinking about what women in low-income countries need

Melinda Gates: How to Empower Women in Poorer Countries
Melinda Gates: How to Empower Women in Poorer Countries

Melinda Gates speaks about the factors which she believes are critical for empowering women in poorer countries. Accessibility to clean water, family planning, and education are the foundation of transformation for women and their communities.

Delaying childbirth and prolonging education will ensure that an increasing percentage of young ladies are making healthier decisions as they grow up and mature. The effect can create a reinforcing cycle that will pass on higher health and education standards to the next generation of daughters and children.

Melinda stresses that "as things improve, as you get innovations out on the farm for women and girls, it will make a huge difference." Freeing up time and increasing efficiency with technology will free women up to allow for increased quality of education, life, and family planning.

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