What would happen if college was free for everyone

Should College Be Free?

Obama's proposed plan to offer 2 free years of community college has been speculated by many.The country is already in a large amount of debt so affordability of the program remains a huge uncertainty. Many are still left asking questions like: what value does free education actually offer? And how much of a priority will this program cost?

Many at the White House believe that higher education is one of the best ways to enter the middle class. Further, growing the middle class has been seen as one of the solutions to fixing the nation's socioeconomic woes. While decades of research have investigated the relationship between education and economy, no actual correlation has officially been identified.

Countries like Finland, Germany, Sweden, and Norway have already adopted models of free or low-cost higher education. Each of these countries have impressively high economic measures such as GDP. Higher levels of education, free or not, have been linked to improved health, longer lifespans, higher pay and lower rates of unemployment. And children of parents with higher education have shown an increased quality of living.

What do you think? Should college be free?

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What would happen if college was free for everyone

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