The wild sight of subway cars being dumped into the ocean

Subways Dumped In The Ocean
Subways Dumped In The Ocean

Ever wonder what happens to New York subways when they're out of service? Well, the truth probably isn't what you expect; The out-of-date cars are actually shipped out to sea and dumped in the Atlantic ocean.

It might sound like a pretty heinous act of pollution, but in reality, the subway cars create coral reefs, fostering new life on the ocean floor.

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Photographer Stephen Mallon snapped these dramatic images of the out-of-date cars as they splashed, gurgled and slipped into the water. says that "for three years, Mallon traveled to the places where the cars were being discarded in the Atlantic from the coast of Delaware to South Carolina."

These photographs will be exhibited at Kimmel Galleries at NYU from February 6 through March 15, 2015. These cars -- that in 2013 carried 1.7 billion riders -- are now sleeping with the fishes.

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