'Shocking' move: Realtor caught on camera stealing pills?

'Shocking' Move: Realtor Caught On Camera Stealing Pills?
'Shocking' Move: Realtor Caught On Camera Stealing Pills?

Video of this Virginia realtor, Sarah Reeves, is making headlines. It appears to show her putting on gloves after entering this home, and then she's seen going through it and seemingly taking prescription painkillers for herself.

According to WSET, this happened within just 24 hours of the homeowner installing the cameras, and the homeowner said Reeves poured about one third of a bottle of pills into a container and then into her purse.

WHSV reports that she's been charged with felony drug possession.

"We were able to place two charges for what they saw on that video," Capt. Linda Toney told WHSV.

Apparently the homeowner put those cameras in because jewelry had gone missing. So, jewelry, then pills -- how much more could have potentially been taken? "Good Morning America" spoke with the homeowners.

"You trust the people that come into your house, and it was just kind of shocking," said Emma Sonck.

Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen realtors caught on camera -- the rise of at-home security systems has seen realtors caught getting "frisky" on video, stealing and more.

With all that in mind, "GMA" gathered tips for how you can find trusted realtors. "Check with other customers, were they happy? Then research online. Look for recent reviews on Zillow and Yelp. ... Consider asking your agent to be present at all showings."

That last tip is key, because Reeves wasn't the listing agent on that house. She seemingly just abused her access as a realtor.

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