Rhino calf and African cow make for unlikely friends at San Diego Zoo

Rhino Calf And African Cow Become Unlikely Companions At San Diego Zoo

A rhino calf at San Diego Zoo Safari Park has been paired with an unlikely companion - a cow. The rhinoceros was born in late November and zookeepers noticed he wasn't putting on pounds at the rate that was expected. He was nursing and interacting with his mother, but due to the potential problem with his weight, zoo employees decided to hand-feed him.

Rhino and African Cow
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Rhino calf and African cow make for unlikely friends at San Diego Zoo

That means he's been spending quite a bit of time in the zoo's nursery and it was there that he met the African cow called Moo Moo Kitty. Keepers actually introduced the pair about two weeks ago to give the rhino a companion. There is about a 6 month age difference between the two but that doesn't seem to get in the way of what looks to be a budding friendship. The one-horned rhino and cow spend time together in the same enclosure. As long as the animals form a bond, they'll remain in the same area until the rhino is weaned next year.

He has progressed quite well in recent weeks and put on some much-needed weight.

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