'My Strange Addiction': Woman loves drinking air freshener

'My Strange Addiction:' Woman Loves Drinking Air Freshener

On Wednesday night's episode of "My Strange Addiction," we met Evelyn, a 27-year-old Missouri woman who can't stop drinking air freshener.

Oh no, you aren't mistaken - we really did just say Evelyn loves to drink air freshener.

"I love air freshener. I love it, absolutely," said Evelyn on "My Strange Addiction."

"A lot of people see Evelyn spray in public, they give her, yeah, that reaction," said Evelyn's friend Marianna.

Evelyn admitted she's been spraying the smelly stuff in her mouth up to 50 times a day for the last three years.

And it all started one day when she walked past an automatic air freshener. A little got on the cup she was carrying, so she tried it and got hooked.

She goes through about 20 cans of the stuff every week - that's about as much as a mid-sized hotel uses. Whoa.

My strange addiction to air freshener
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'My Strange Addiction': Woman loves drinking air freshener

But not just any type of air freshener will satisfy Evelyn's strange cravings. It's fresh linen that really takes her breath away.

Even her fiance Ricky and her two sons learned to accept Evelyn's strange habit over time.
But go figure, fans on Twitter weren't as accepting of Evelyn's air freshener habit, with some even claiming her story was one of the strangest they'd ever seen on the show.

Thankfully, once she learned drinking air freshener could eventually kill her, Evelyn decided to work toward kicking the habit.

When TLC last checked up on her, she was still addicted, but she had stopped buying new cans to consume. Hey, it's a step in the right direction, right?

'My Strange Addiction': Woman Loves the Taste of Air Freshener

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