Captain records shark encounter in Gulf of Mexico

Captain Records Shark Encounter In Gulf Of Mexico

When Captain Scott Fitzgerald felt a bump in his boat just a few miles from the coast off the Gulf of Mexico, a great white likely wasn't the first thing that came to mind.

"Holy moly, look how big he is!" Fitzgerald​ said.

While it's hard to see from the footage, Fitzgerald claims the shark apparently decided to have a little fun with the boat's trolling motor, which is pretty obvious through pictures of the aftermath.

"He's attacking my boat," Fitzgerald said.

Just take a look at these photos, where you can clearly see what look like bite marks. It's a wonder he didn't tear the whole thing off.

We should note shark attacks on humans are rare. In the U.S., from 1916-2011, there were around 100 great white attacks -- 13 of those were deadly.

Still, we'll take a pass on getting up close and personal with a great white ...

Great White sharks
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Captain records shark encounter in Gulf of Mexico
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