Are you a Super Bowl stereotype?

Are You a Super Bowl Stereotype?
Are You a Super Bowl Stereotype?

The Super Bowl is upon us. Time to whip out ol' smoky, get those chicken wings grilling and melt that Velveeta in the crockpot.

Hosting a Super Bowl party is fun, plus you typically get to keep all the leftovers. But there's always certain people that can make or break the party. @DudePerfect has some of the stereotypes:

"You're always in the bathroom when we score. He's always in the bathroom when we score!"

"Hey, should we switch pants?"

"We should switch pants!"

"Your team is a joke. You'll never win!"

"Holy cow! Which one of these is mine? ... It's not that one."

Our personal favorite, though, was Mr. Commercials.

"The commercials are on! We should totally rate them! Most funny to least funny!"
Or maybe the guy obsessed with Katy Perry. Feel like we're going to be seeing a lot of that come Feb. 1.

This video got us thinking of some stereotypes we've encountered at Super Bowl parties, too.
Like the friend who gets drunk too fast and passes out on the couch, effectively taking up most of the space in front of the TV.

Or the friend who gets really angry when anyone talks during the game.

"Guys, one, Tom Brady is a beautiful man, and two, the game is on."

To check out the rest of @DudePerfect's hilarious stereotypes, or maybe even their amazing trick shot videos, head on over to their YouTube channel.

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