NY man nonchalantly, illegally bulldozes wife's home

NY Man Nonchalantly, Illegally Bulldozes Wife's Home
NY Man Nonchalantly, Illegally Bulldozes Wife's Home

This is one way to let your wife know ... something.

A man in New York state rented a bulldozer and demolished the house without letting his wife know. His wife says all of her belongings were inside the home at the time, and she was shocked to come home to rubble.

"I came around the corner and I just saw my neighbor's house, and I didn't see my house," homeowner Diane Andryshak told News 12 Westchester.

The man's wife, Diane Andryshak, is the legal owner of the home.

If that wasn't weird enough, the man with the plan and the bulldozer, James Rhein, was surprisingly chill about the whole situation, giving two local TV stations interviews while sitting in his truck.

"Why not wait and let her get her things out," WNBC's Jen Maxfield asked.

"I tried calling her. She didn't answer the phone," Rhein said.

"She only got one day's notice," Maxfield responded.

"How many days should I give her," Rhein asked. "The foundation was bad. We had to take it down."

Think that's strange? Yeah, so did everyone else. Here are just a few of the reactions:

"He better do something big on Valentine's Day," one "Today" anchor said.

"If she wants him..." another quipped.

One "Morning Express" anchor joked, "I remember what happened to me when I put the dishes in the wrong cupboard. This guy. My friend, you are in for a dry spell."

The couple says they weren't fighting about anything, but we're renovating the house. Rhein says he tried to file for a permit Monday to legally excavate the house, but government offices were closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Rhein is out on bail for the stunt.

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