Non-profit anonymously given real mink coat as donation

Nonprofit Anonymously Given Real Mink Coat as Donation
Nonprofit Anonymously Given Real Mink Coat as Donation

A California charity received a generous donation in a garbage bag.

"A little research online revealed it's a vintage mink made sometime before 1966 ... Each year, they hold a yard sale of donated items to help pay the rent for their small office space and other business expenses," the KERO anchor said.

"We've tried to give the landlord beans as rent money, but he's not amused with that," Jason Rickett with the Bakersfield Burrito Project said.

Granted, the garbage bag was full of other donated clothes, too, but the mink was a real find. That nonprofit behind the donation is the Bakersfield Burrito Project. Its mission is to give food to the homeless -- often, burritos.

The nonprofit told us in an email that's because burritos are the perfect food because they're about 35-cents a pop and "portable yumminess!"

According to the Bakersfield Burrito Project blog, they have confirmed the mink coat donation was no accident. The woman who donated reportedly said it was all to help the charity.

The tag on the coat says it's from H.P. Selman & Co., an old store in Louisville, Kentucky that was sold in the early 60s.

The nonprofit is hoping someone can donate time to give them a proper estimate of what the coat is worth.

Real mink coats on eBay are going anywhere from $100-$500.

While there can be controversy over real fur, the Bakersfield Burrito Project said it didn't care if someone threw the coat in a wood chipper after it's purchased.

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