Daring couple poses with world's most poisonous snake

Daring Couple Poses With World's Most Poisonous Snake
Daring Couple Poses With World's Most Poisonous Snake

While most couples spend vacations laying out on the beach or hiking short trails, Forrest Galante and his girlfriend Jessica Evans had something much different in mind.

The two took a trip around the South Pacific to intentionally find extremely dangerous wildlife -- and they were quite successful.

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Here they are with a banded sea kraits, also known as the Chinese sea snake -- the most toxic snake in the world. They came across it while spearfishing for their dinner off an island. No big deal.

Sea kraits can live on land or in the ocean and carry a venom 10 times more toxic than a rattlesnake's. The poison paralyzes its victims and causes a very painful death that could last minutes or even days.

Forrest says he's always had a very "hands on" approach to wildlife and this was no exception, saying, "when I see something new and unusual, my first instinct is always to go catch it and have a look. I could not deny myself the opportunity to interact with such a beautiful sea snake. I repeatedly dove down and managed to free the snake from the intertwined coral head he had taken refuge in and managed to do it without being bitten."

The couple says they found and examined 14 different sea kraits and they admit, it was a bit scary. We're just glad they lived to tell about it.

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