Tiger Woods' front tooth knocked out by videographer, agent says


Photos of a toothless Tiger Woods cheering on girlfriend Lindsey Vonn at the 63rd World Cup on Monday in Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy, have hit the Web, sparking rampant speculation as to when and how the 39-year-old underwent the unfortunate dental makeover.

Alas, the incident reportedly occurred at the super-G event itself, to which Woods reportedly showed up unannounced to surprise Vonn, according to Page Six.

BBC Sports reports Woods' agent Mark Steinberg saying, 'During a crush of photographers at the awards' podium, a media member with a shoulder-mounted video camera pushed and surged towards the stage, turned and hit Tiger Woods in the mouth. Woods's tooth was knocked out by the incident.'

But that didn't seem to ruin the surprise -- or record-breaking victory, thanks to a flawless run down the Olympia delle Tofane course -- for Vonn, according to Fox Sports: 'It was an amazing surprise," Vonn said. 'I'm so happy that he's here. ... Everyone important to me is here - my mom and dad and my sister and Tiger - it's pretty incredible. I didn't think it was going to get better than yesterday, and today topped it.'

As evident from the photos of the couple's embrace, Vonn didn't seem to mind Woods' new look.

According to Page Six, the now-missing tooth can be seen in earlier photographs looking slightly discolored, a reported result of a 2009 incident between Woods and ex-wife Elin Nordegren, during which she reportedly hurled a phone at him after finding out he was unfaithful.

Why Is Tiger Woods Missing a Tooth?
Why Is Tiger Woods Missing a Tooth?