Colorado bakery facing legal action after refusing to make anti-gay cake

Colorado Bakery Facing Legal Action After Refusing to Make Anti-Gay Cake
Colorado Bakery Facing Legal Action After Refusing to Make Anti-Gay Cake

A Colorado bakery is facing claims of discrimination after it refused to write an anti-gay message on a cake.

Marjorie Silva owns Azucar, an award-winning Peruvian bakery, in Denver.

Last March a man came into her shop and asked for a Bible-shaped cake with an anti-gay message written on it - words like "detestable" and "sinners."

"The customer wanted us to draw two males holding hands with a big X on them."

Silva said she would make the cake but wouldn't write the message.

She offered to give the man the tools to write it himself, but he refused and canceled his order. She later learned he had filed a discrimination complaint against her.

KMGH reports, "Last year, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruled that another bakery, Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, could not refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, calling it discriminatory."

Now many in the anti-gay community are calling Silva's decision hypocritical. According to KMGH, some have even started ordering "Gay Marriage Is Wrong" cakes from gay-friendly bakeries.

Silva maintains she did not refuse service. She told Out Front she's not sure she made the right decision legally but that it felt right to her as a person.

According to Out Front, the Department of Regulatory Agencies has requested a final letter from Silva and says it will make its decision 30 days from receipt.