Backyard rink envy of suburban neighborhood

Family Builds Incredible Backyard Ice Rink
Family Builds Incredible Backyard Ice Rink


LAKEWOOD, Ill. - Tom Fox has brought his love of skating home.

He was born in Canada and has been skating since he was 2-years-old. Now with 6-year-old daughter Sydney getting in the game, he said it just makes sense for him to put an ice rink in his backyard.

The 20 by 40 foot winter wonderland is perfectly constructed and safe for the smaller set, with the walls of this homemade rink covered in foam and rubber pads like commercial rinks. The lights keep them out all night.

And then there's the Zamboni.

Even with the mild temperatures this first year, it has been a success all around. And plans are in the works to go bigger and better next year.

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