14 hilarious e-cards that describe Valentine's Day perfectly


We've rounded up the most amusing e-cards to celebrate Valentine's Day. Whether you have a Valentine or not, it's easy to appreciate these clever e-cards. Show your loved one just how funny you are (and how much you care about them) with 14 rib-tickling sentiments from some-e-cards:

1. From the hopeless romantic:

2. For all those quirky couples:

3. From someone who is responsible about their obligations:

4. From the early bird:

5. For the social-media maven in your life:

6. For those who don't suffer from commitment issues:

7. For those who are constantly left speechless by their loved ones:

8. For the flower enthusiast

9. For your tinder date:

10. From the traditionalist:

11. From your well-read other half

12. For those who love optionality:

13. From the good-listener:

14. For the iPhone addict:

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