Teen plans to marry father, have children

Teen Plans To Marry Father, Have Children
Teen Plans To Marry Father, Have Children

An 18-year-old recently revealed to New York Magazine she shares a relationship with her father that many would find too close for comfort.

The teen, who chose to remain anonymous, told the magazine she had little to no contact with her father growing up. But then they reunited when she was 17 after he tracked her down on Facebook.

She eventually went to stay with him and then things took an unexpected turn.

"It was so weird and confusing. I was seeing my dad for the first time in forever but it was also like, 'He's so good-looking!' ... I saw him as my dad but then also part of me was like, 'I'm meeting this guy who I have been talking to over the internet and really connecting with and I find him attractive.'"

During the first week she stayed with him she lost her virginity. She says, "It wasn't weird at all. It felt so natural. It didn't even feel taboo. I felt like I had just made love with a man who I'd been with for years."

And then they began dating a short time later. Two years later, they got engaged.

The father-daughter duo are so in love they want to take their incestuous relationship to the next level by getting married and having children.

The teen says she understands the marriage won't be legally registered brushing off the significance of a marriage license adding quote:

"Personally, I don't believe you need a piece of paper to prove that you want to be with the person you love."

They plan to move to New Jersey where adult incest is legal.

And no, her mother still doesn't know.

A study published in 2010 suggested that people are drawn to those who look like them or resemble family.

According to an article in The Guardian, experts use the term 'Genetic Sexual Attraction' (GSA) to describe situations in which romantic and sexual feelings occur when siblings, or parents and their kids are reunited. They estimate this happens around 50 percent of the time when the reunion happens between adults.

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