When fighting daily stresses -- you can win!

We all deal with stress daily, but how you deal with it can either keep you in or take you out of a vicious cycle of strain and bad habits.

For John Colaneri, star of HGTV's "The Kitchen Cousins," a few changes to his daily routine have made all the difference.

"I am always on the go throughout my day and there is a lot of stress," he explains. "For me, going to the gym and releasing that stress allows me to reset and get ready for the next day."

What he eats also plays a role.

"My favorite part of my daily routine is making my morning shake," John offers. "I love using my Nutri-bullet and I have really gotten into juicing. It has given me a ton of energy to get through my day and it is a great meal replacement. I usually make my drink with kale, carrots, blueberries and strawberries."

And it isn't just what he eats, but also what he doesn't consume. John's decision to cut back on beer has also made him feel better, lose weight and stay fit.

The star shares a few other simple changes that could have a big impact on your own life:

  1. Change out your bulbs in your home to LED. It will save you some extra money.

  2. Eat more vegetables and greens to give your body and immune system a boost.

  3. Cook a meal for your kids so you can spend more time with them.

  4. Instead of driving to work, try biking.

  5. Cut back on drinking soda and drinks with a lot of sugar. Drink more water to stay hydrated!

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