Unique way of saying yes is less a word and more a ... 'whoosh'

Northern Sweden's Unique Way of Saying 'Yes'
Northern Sweden's Unique Way of Saying 'Yes'

People in northern Sweden have a very unique way of saying "yes." The Local decided to check out the biggest city in northern Sweden, Umeå, and found out that the way they say "yes" is way cooler than your typical "yeah" or "ja."

Instead of actually saying something, it sounds like a puff of air -- a 'whoosh!,' if you will. (The Local calls it a 'whiff.')

"Just if you have a mint in your mouth, it's like ..." a local woman said by way of explanation.

It really won't make sense until you check out the video above, though.

Apparently, lots of people think they've got the sound down, according to a very scientific poll from Mirror Online. About 60 percent of people thought they could pronounce the sound for "yes" correctly.

The Local's video of the sound even got re-tweeted by Sweden's Twitter account.

One woman said it was easier than actually saying "yes," because you don't really have to open your mouth, but News Limited questioned that. Is it really any easier? Guess it depends on who you ask.

"You don't have to open your mouth and say 'ja,' you can just whoosh," one local said.

One person teased on YouTube that it was probably just a joke the Swedes were playing on the rest of the world, but multiple people claiming to be from Sweden said it's very common there, and not just in the northern parts of the country.

Did you like this article? We hope the answer was ... 'whoosh!'

Check out the full video here:

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