Strangers' trip around the world brings ...

Man Gives Random Girl A Trip Around The World
Man Gives Random Girl A Trip Around The World

Break-ups are hard for everybody, but especially frustrating when you've planned a trip around the world for you and your loved one. Remember this guy? Last year Jordan Axani booked the trip of a lifetime around the world. But before the trip had even begun the couples journey ended.

The heart-break however wasn't going to stop him from going on the trip. The only problem - the ticket for his ex- was not transferable. The 28-year-old Canadian's story went viral when he took to reddit posting a plea for someone - anyone - named Elizabeth Gallagher to take his extra plane ticket. Yes, Elizabeth Gallagher is his ex's name. In an interview with C-T-V, Axani said he met with 18 girls with that name, but finally decided on Elizabeth 'Quinn' Gallagher from Nova Scotia. The former strangers actually made the trek around the world hitting Milan, Prague, Paris, Bangkok and New Delhi.

And apparently even the most romantic cities in the world couldn't spark a flame between Jordan and Elizabeth Gallagher 2.0. In the interview Jordan said "It sort of brought out this brother-sister dynamic between us."

Gallagher even has a boyfriend, who, she says supports her want to travel- even if it is alone with a random dude. So even though Jordan didn't find love, he did find adventure. In an interview with Global News Axani hinted at the possibility of a movie version of his ordeal in the future. But the spontaneous traveler is most excited about a charity he created a month ago called A Ticket Forward. The American-based charity aims to send people who are "deserving" on their own dream trip.

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