Car dealership berates pizza delivery guy, it backfires immediately

Car Dealership Berates Pizza Delivery Guy, It Backfires Immediately
Car Dealership Berates Pizza Delivery Guy, It Backfires Immediately

A group of workers at a Massachusetts car dealership posted a video online that has since gone viral ... just not quite in the way they were hoping it would.

Jarrid Tansey is a delivery driver for Palace Pizza in Westport, Massachusetts. He delivered some pizza and drinks to F&R Auto Sales, where the tab came to just more than $42.

The dealership workers gave him $50 and, according to Tansey, told him to keep the full amount.

After he'd left, the workers called the store and demanded he bring back the $7 and change, berating him when he got there:

"Get the owner and the manager on the phone. I want that [expletive] done. I want him fired."

The workers then posted the video online -- and the Internet has firmly taken Tansey's side, flooding the dealership's Yelp page with bad reviews calling the workers "arrogant, rude, and dismissive."

Tansey, on the other hand, has gotten plenty of support, including a GoFundMe page, which at the time of writing has raised more than $18,000.

The owner of the dealership has also offered a cash donation to Tansey as a peace offering.

"Good Morning America" reports, "He also notes that the man seen belittling Tansey doesn't work for him, while the woman in the video has been fired."

Tansey's manager told this isn't the first time they've had issues with F&R Auto, but that the owner came into the restaurant to apologize profusely.

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