5 essential items every woman should wear to a party

5 Essential Items to Wear to a Dinner Party

Have you ever looked in your closet an hour before you're supposed to be at a party and said to yourself, "I have nothing to wear"?

To help take the worry out of your wardrobe, Clinton Kelly is revealing five simple and affordable party items every woman needs to have in their closet.

Get his go-to party tips below:

1.) Dark Jeans

Worried that wearing jeans to a party might make you look too casual? Clinton says the trick is all in the type of color you wear.

His tip: The darker, the better.

"Jeans are casual in and of themselves," Clinton says. "But the darkness in them means that they're a little bit dressier."

"You can't go wrong there, whether it's a casual or a dressier party."

2.) A Black Knit Jacket

A jacket is always a great way to add sophistication to your party look; but if you're worried about taking things too far, Clinton says wearing a black knit jacket will keep things on an even playing field.

"The jacket sort of says that you're a little bit dressed up," he says; however, wearing a knit jacket will also give you that comfy, cozy look."

3.) A Shoe Bootie

A shoe always sets the tone for the rest of your outfit. Clinton says wearing an embellished shoe bootie will really take things to the next level. (In other words: Leave the sneakers at home).

4 & 5.) Accessories

Every good outfit needs accessories; but with so many to choose from, it's hard to narrow things down.

According to Clinton, your outfit will work wonders with a a simple piece of jewelry and the right handbag.

"A statement necklace says you're ready to party," he says. "And then [add] a cute, little metallic clutch and you're good to go."

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