The moment a dog impatiently honks car horn -- for 15 minutes straight -- while waiting for owner


This Boxer puppy was left inside the car too long while his owner took in a local art gallery.

Eighteen-month-old Fern decided she had enough of being left along in the parking lot of a Dundee, Scotland, gallery, so she did what any rational human would do -- laid on the car horn.

A YouTube video of the incident uploaded to the video-sharing site last year says the puppy pressed the car horn with her paw for 15 minutes.

Graham Haddow, the puppy's 58-year-old owner, is said to have returned to the car to hear the horn blaring and a crowd of people standing around taking pictures videos.

Haddow told the amused onlookers that Fern often sits in the driver's seat when left alone but she had never honked the horn prior to that March, 2014 incident.