What to Do When Your Favorite RPG Is Over

After nearly one hundred twenty hours, I finished my completionist run through Dragon Age: Inquisition today. As I sat staring at the credits and waiting for the short epilogue cinematic that would come after them, I was left with a curious sense of emptiness with a mental image of a blank calendar filled with endless days stretching out in front of me. Many of us who are avid RPG players have felt this way at one time or another in the course of our gaming careers. Think back to your most beloved RPG and you know what I'm speaking about.

But I digress. As I sat there, one thought kept repeating itself in my mind...

"What on earth am I going to do now?"

Of course, and this needs to be said to avoid the inevitable "get a life" comments, I realize that in the grand scheme of the real world, finishing DA:I and not having another game lined up in the immediate future is a small thing. I do have a real life but I also have an active gaming life with a space that needs to be occupied.

To that end, I began to think of the things I could do to help ease the emptiness that completing Dragon Age: Inquisition has left. Here's what I came up with.

Get Depressed

OK so this one's not terribly constructive or, frankly, very healthy yet it is decidedly part of the experience of finishing a loved game. We tell ourselves to go slowly, to not finish the thing too fast but, as inevitably happens, the excellence of the experience compels us to keep playing...and playing...and playing until that fateful day when the final credits roll. As the ending notes fade into the atmosphere, we realize what we have done and then it hits.....now what?
*snivels* "Bye, you guys. I'll miss you."

Go Back to the Main Menu & Start Over

I don't know about you, but my immediate reaction to the "now what" at the end of my favorite RPG is to go back to the main menu and immediately start a brand new character. One of the greatest joys of most modern games is the act of creating a new character, painstakingly agonizing over every minute detail. Once done, we can jump right back in if we want and play the game exactly as we did before or we can try a new race, new decisions, new tactics, a new class, etc. Replayability is key here.

I tried that today on finishing Dragon Age: Inquisition but the lingering depression over the game's end (and, to be honest, a feeling of disappointment over the ending but that's another article...) left the experience pretty hollow and I didn't even finish my character. I will to be sure. The game is fantastic and I want to go back...just...not yet.

Restart the Series

As with most of the very best RPGs, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third in a series of games based around the same game world. Some of the decisions made in DAI had elements from the previous two titles. New players might love DAI and have curiosity about the first two games. The point is that one way to stay immersed in the universe is to go back to the very beginning and play through all of the games again. Once again, it's a way to revisit the lore, learn new things or perhaps to play a different way.

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