'Price Is Right' announcer falls on treadmill

'Price Is Right' Announcer Wipes Out On Treadmill
'Price Is Right' Announcer Wipes Out On Treadmill

The 'price is right,' but walking on a treadmill backwards is just wrong ... and apparently dangerous.

During Thursday afternoon's episode of "The Price Is Right," announcer George Gray pulled double duty -- announcing while displaying a prize. Apparently, thought, not everyone can multitask.

While walking backwards on a treadmill, he wiped out. However, he didn't miss a beat and kept on going.

The man's a pro -- and apparently, he's not a stranger to the showroom floor. In an episode of "The Price Is Right" that aired nearly a year ago to-the-date of Thursday's treadmill incident, a contestant went to hug him, but tripped on a rug and tackled him into a TV set.

What a sport!

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