NBA trade rumors: Five trades that should happen

Sources: Celtics Agree To Deal Jeff Green To Grizzlies

The trading market has been active so far this season, and that isn't expected to slow down anytime soon. Whether teams are looking to get rid of veteran players for younger talent or vice versa, there is expected to be plenty of movement as the February 19th trading deadline draws closer.

Players like Rajon Rondo, Brandan Wright, Jameer Nelson, and Jeff Green have already been traded, and there are many other known players who have been rumored in deals.

Trade deadlines are so unpredictable, but there hasn't been trade buzz like there has this season in a long time. It has led many to believe that we will see a flurry of rumors throughout the month of January and into February towards the deadline. With that being said, it is always interesting to look into what teams should do.

There are plenty of teams out there that could use another player to help them make a run at the postseason, and there are other teams that should trade their veteran talent to get younger for next season. At this point in time, there is a very good mix between those two outlooks for teams.

Which five trades should teams make happen prior to the trade deadline this year?

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NBA trade rumors: Five trades that should happen

1. Michael Carter-Williams To Indiana

Indiana Gets: Michael Carter Williams, Luc Mbah a Moute

Philadelphia Gets: Ian Mahinmi, Chris Copeland, Solomon Hill, First Round Pick.

The Indiana Pacers have been needing a true point guard for quite some time, and this would be the trade that gets them just that. Michael Carter-Williams would fit perfectly into Frank Vogel’s offense, and would give them a long-term answer at the point guard position.

Philadelphia would be getting two expiring deals in Ian Mahinmi and Chris Copeland, which is something that they are very interested in moving forward. They would be getting a solid first round pick with the Pacers struggling this season, and Solomon Hill is a budding young player. It wouldn’t be easy for the Pacers to give Hill up after his improvement this year, but Carter-Williams would make it worth it for them.

Larry Bird has been very active in trade discussions this season, and this could be one of his best options.

If the Pacers could find a way to acquire Carter-Williams, their franchise and future would change immediately. With Paul George preparing to come back next season after a scary broken leg, he would have a legitimate running mate with Carter-Williams. The 76ers on the other hand would be bringing in valuable assets to help their rebuilding process.

This trade is a definite possibility, and the two teams are going to be actively involved in the deadline. Expect to see Bird and the Pacers look to make a trade, and Carter-Williams would be the perfect addition.

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2. Taj Gibson to Minnesota

Minnesota Gets: Taj Gibson

Chicago Gets: Shabazz Muhammad, Chase Budinger

While it would be very tough to see Taj Gibson go for the Chicago Bulls, it is a move that would help them this season as well as in years to come. Jimmy Butler is going to command a big contract extension, and the Bulls will need to make some space in order to give him that contract.

Minnesota could send back a very talented young guard in Shabazz Muhammad, and could offer Gibson the starting spot that he was wanted for quite some time. The Bulls would be getting back a legitimate scorer off of their bench, and Nikola Mirotic has been playing well enough to take over Gibson’s role. Gibson is a fan favorite in Chicago, but moving him would be in their best interest both now and in the future.

Chicago currently looks like a championship caliber team, and Pau Gasol has been a key part of that. Gibson has been a valuable bench piece, but trading him likely won’t change their season too terribly much.

These two teams would both improve by making this trade, and the Bulls would have financial flexibility to re-sign Butler. Minnesota would get the talented big man that they need, and would be able to build around Gibson, Andrew Wiggins, and Ricky Rubio moving forward.

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3. Arron Afflalo To Miami

Miami Gets: Arron Afflalo

Denver Gets: Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Udonis Haslem, Second Round Pick

Arron Afflalo was acquired by the Denver Nuggets this past offseason, and they were hoping that he could add the extra scoring punch that they needed. He has been inconsistent, and there have been talks that Denver could potentially look to move him if the right deal presented itself.

The Miami Heat are a team that desperately needs more scoring if they want to get into the playoffs, and he would offer help to Dwyane Wade as well. Wade isn’t getting any younger, and Afflalo would add a much more talented option to give him rest that what Miami is currently working with. Giving up Chalmers, Cole, Haslem, and a second rounder wouldn’t be too steep of a price at all.

If Miami decides that they want to make a run at the playoffs this season, then they need to go after a trade. Afflalo would be a perfect option for them to add both offense and defense.

There are other options on the trade market out there like Lance Stephenson that Miami could target, but Afflalo would fit their needs much better. His three-point shooting would be utilized well with the Heat, and he would have much more of a scoring role than he currently does in Denver.

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4. David West To Portland

Indiana Gets: Robin Lopez, C.J. McCollum, Thomas Robinson

Portland Gets: David West, Second Round Pick

David West may not have as much trade value this season as he did last year, but the Indiana Pacers could still get a good return for him. They don’t appear to be playoff contenders this season after all of the injury issues, and West has been slowed down by age in a big way this year. That being said, Portland would be a perfect landing spot for him.

LaMarcus Aldridge would be even more dangerous with West as a running mate in the front-court, and the Trail Blazers would add yet another piece to help them compete for a championship.

Larry Bird would hate to move West, but he would for the right price as long as he was dealing West to a legitimate contender. Indiana could get a deal involving McCollum and Robinson particularly, which would be huge for them. Both of those young players possess a lot of talent, and they could be a part of the Pacers’ re-tooling process.

Both teams would be winning this trade, and they would set themselves up for success in the future. There is no question that Portland is a legitimate title contender this season, and the Pacers are already beginning to look ahead to next season when Paul George returns. West isn’t going to be the difference maker that he has been in the past for the Pacers, but would be a perfect complement piece in Portland.

These two teams should begin talking about a trade, and it would be a perfect move to be made at the deadline.

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5. Deron Williams For Lance Stephenson Swap

Charlotte Gets: Deron Williams

Brooklyn Gets: Lance Stephenson, Marvin Williams, Brian Roberts

This trade would be the biggest blockbuster of all of them, and could completely change the landscapes for both teams. Lance Stephenson returning home to Brooklyn would be a very nice move for the Nets, while Deron Williams could be exactly what the Hornets need to catapult themselves into playoff contention.

Kemba Walker and Stephenson simply don’t work well together, and there have been rumblings about the Hornets being interested in moving Stephenson.

Williams would be able to play the shooting guard position alongside of Walker, and would be a very dangerous scoring option. Charlotte hasn’t played well this season, but this type of trade could turn their year around. Brooklyn on the other hand has been looking to make some big trades, and moving Williams for Stephenson would make sense for them.

It would be a very intriguing trade to see how it unfolded, but both teams would likely end up doing very well. Williams does have a very expensive contract, but the Hornets would immediately be a better team with him on board. These two teams would have a lot to talk about in order to come to terms on a deal, but it looks like a very good deal for both of them.

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