'My Strange Addiction:' Florida woman marries a carnival ride

'My Strange Addiction': Happily Married to a Carnival Ride
'My Strange Addiction': Happily Married to a Carnival Ride

On Wednesday night's episode of TLC's "My Strange Addiction," a Florida woman says she's not in an addictive or an obsessive relationship. She's apparently with her soulmate.

Which just so happens to be a 70-foot tall SkyDiver carnival ride named Bruce.

"You actually get to feel the experience of what Bruce does and what a SkyDiver really is, and there's no other ride that duplicates the sensation of a SkyDiver," said Linda on "My Strange Addiction.

To be fair, that particular ride wasn't Bruce. Linda's SkyDiver husband of three years is actually in disrepair, and she's spent $90,000 to get him back up and running.

She says it will still cost thousands more before he'll function again, though. Talk about commitment!

Linda identifies as an Objectum-sexual, which means she has "an orientation to love objects," according to Objectum-Sexuality.org.

Linda says she enjoys candlelit dinners with Bruce and lovingly compares their relationship to "an old married couple."

Aside from Bruce, Linda says she's had relationships with both a plane and a locomotive.

After Wednesday night's episode, many are concluding "My Strange Addiction" is living up to its name. A writer with Daily Mail calls the show's stars "weirder than ever."

Fans on Twitter had a similar reaction, with many tweeting about how strange and uncomfortable the relationship between Linda and Bruce made them feel.

Well, here's to hoping Linda can get Bruce fixed up so they can enjoy a happy life together.

'My Strange Addiction:' Fla. Woman Marries a Carnival Ride
'My Strange Addiction:' Fla. Woman Marries a Carnival Ride

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