Teen ends up saving arresting officer's life

FL Teen Credited For Saving The Officer Who Arrested Him
FL Teen Credited For Saving The Officer Who Arrested Him

A Florida teen is being hailed as a hero for saving the life of a cop who was in the middle of booking him.

Jamal Rutledge, 17, has too often found himself on the wrong side of the law, but in a ceremony scheduled for later this month, he will be honored by it.

On September 10th, the teen was being booked at the Fort Lauderdale police station on charges of criminal mischief and burglary when Officer Franklin Foulks collapsed to the ground clutching his chest. Rutledge immediately started yelling and kicking the metal gate in an effort to get other officer's attention.

As the Sun Sentinel reports, three Fort Lauderdale police officers ran in and used an automated external defibrillator to stimulate Foulks' heart. A fire rescue team brought Foulks to a nearby hospital, where he made a full recovery.

The medical staff credits Rutledge for saving the officer's life.

The teen and the other three officers will be honored during a commission scheduled for January 21st.

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