Taylor Swift sends superfan big surprise

Taylor Swift Sends Superfan Big Surprise
Taylor Swift Sends Superfan Big Surprise

Taylor Swift might be a super celeb but she still makes plenty of time for her fans.

The singer sent a very detailed carepackage to superfan Rebekah.

It contained a necklace, some personal artwork by TSwift herself, a handwritten note and even a check for $1989 to help pay off her student loans. And to prove she did it all herself, she added a polaroid of her painting flowers. Rebekah immediately posted photos of the gift to her Tumblr page.

The thankful fan wrote, "I know I've said it so many times already but thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Never in a million years did I ever imagine this happening to me. I am so honored and so thankful to call myself a fan, to have supported you all of these years because you
are truly the most amazing, genuine, and selfless person...I can't wait to see you on tour and thank you a 1,989 more times."

Rebekah got Taylor's attention by uploading a video of the music star and her gal pals with the intro to Friends.

The superstar is known for giving back to her supporters. Last month, she sent a few of her biggest Swiftys early Christmas gifts that she personally picked out while traveling around the world. It's clear why her fans love her for more than her music.

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