Man finds massive bones in backyard

Man Finds Massive Dinosaur Bones In Backyard
Man Finds Massive Dinosaur Bones In Backyard

"It was just amazing to see these bones and the size of these bones come out of the ground."

Eric Witzke told WWMT he was working on a simple project in his backyard in Michigan last November when he accidentally dug up an ancient animal.

Witze was digging to make a pond when he noticed bones sticking out of the dirt. He called over his neighbor Daniel Lapoint Jr, who helped uncover 42 bones that, when put together, turned out to be a mastodon from 10 to 40,000 years ago. It took them four days to complete the dig.

"I'm speechless because it's just a one in a lifetime find."

WWMT reports more than 300 mastodon bone sites have been uncovered in Michigan so if you feel like doing a little digging out there, it might work out in your favor. You might also try Colorado.

Last year, a volunteer paleontologist stumbled across the largest apatosaurus femur ever.

Those dinos lived during the late Jurassic Period - around 150 million years ago.That find was just one of nearly 2,000 bones found in the area.

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