Kaley Cuoco reveals past addiction that led to major surgery

Kaley Cuoco Reveals Past Addiction That Lead To Major Surgery
Kaley Cuoco Reveals Past Addiction That Lead To Major Surgery

Kaley Cuoco went on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" and revealed a past addiction that ultimately led to some serious surgery.

Cuoco went under the knife over the holidays for her sinuses and told Ellen it wasn't very fun and then she dropped this:

"I was actually really addicted to nose spray like Afrin, before. Like for years. Like at award shows I would have to pick out the right clutch to be able to fit my Afrin in it. And I'd be under the table like snorting it. I'm surprised there were no photos of what I was snorting. And I couldn't get enough and it was such a problem. And I ruined my sinus. So I had to get it fixed."

Ellen then revealed her wife Portia de Rossi also has to get the surgery done and Kaley recommended it...sort of.

Ellen: "Now you're saying it's painful."
Kaley: "It's the worst! You should totally get it done, but it's the worst!"

An addiction to nose spray might be surprising to some, but it does happen and it's considered especially dangerous since the sprays are easily available over-the-counter treatments.

Some doctors prescribe medication that contain steroids and antihistamines specifically because they are not addictive.

Make sure you seek help before you have to go through something like Kaley did.