Colts respond to Tom Brady's Facebook post

Predictions for NFC and AFC Championships
Predictions for NFC and AFC Championships

Tom Brady took to Facebook to post a photo of himself riding a blue horse, the Colts old logo, in advance of the New England Patriots' AFC Championship game matchup against the Indianapolis Colts. Some Colts fans responded with a troll of their own. It is similar in taste to Brady's Facebook post, and is the perfect comeback.

These two teams have a lot of history between each other, but with Peyton Manning no longer in Indianapolis it has changed a bit. Andrew Luck has still kept the rivalry going, but the Brady vs. Manning aspect is certainly missed.

During the first matchup of the season between these teams in Week 11, the Colts were unable to stop the Patriots' offense. New England ended up winning 42-20, but the Colts believe that they are a much better team now than they were at that point in the season. Luck has not won a game against the Patriots throughout his young career so far, and he has had some turnover issues against them as well with eight interceptions.

Luck has changed his game this season, and has been a lot more safe with his passes. He hasn't been throwing down the field as much this season, but he will have to continue being smart with the football this week.

Take a look at this Colts fans' response to Brady's Facebook troll for yourself:

These two teams are going to bring everything they have to the field on Sunday, and all of this talk and trolling before the game is going to make them even more energized.

It should end up being a very entertaining rivalry game, and the Colts are looking to shock the NFL with another huge road win. They are more than capable of making that happen, but Brady and the Patriots are a much better football team than the Broncos were.

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