Woman drunk on vanilla extract arrested for DWI

Woman Drunk On Vanilla Extract Arrested For DWI
Woman Drunk On Vanilla Extract Arrested For DWI

One woman in upstate New York discovered a dangerous use for a very sweet ingredient.

Carolyn Kesel was arrested and charged with a felony DWI after she was caught driving drunk ... on vanilla extract.

The 46-year-old registered at three times the legal limit after consuming two bottles of the baking ingredient. She reportedly told officers she'd gotten lost on her way home to Seneca Falls and ended up 20 miles in the opposite direction.

Vanilla extract contains 41% alcohol and officials told KFSN the potent liquid is a growing concern.

"It puts it into comparison to both vodka and gin and then a little more work on our part we found out that things like orange extract peppermint extract are up to 89% alcohol. That's 160 proof plus, that's far more than you can even find in even a liquor store."

Plus, it's so easily accessible to those underage. And the pleasant smells of the extracts can hide the smell of liquor. So if your kid comes home reeking of peppermint or vanilla you may want to have a talk.

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