Why did 'The Bachelor' censor a fully clothed contestant?

Why Did 'The Bachelor' Censor a Fully Clothed Contestant?
Why Did 'The Bachelor' Censor a Fully Clothed Contestant?

There was some bizarre and inexplicable censorship on "The Bachelor" Monday night.

In case you missed it, the awkward situation happened to Jill. She was wearing a bikini bottom on the show, but her backside was blacked out with a censoring box. Now, if she was wearing a thong bikini or something super inappropriate, that would be one thing -- but her front was blocked out, too.

Jillian herself seemed equally baffled, saying on Twitter that she was wearing a normal bathing suit bottom. Twitter users had a field day speculating about what went wrong, but the black boxes didn't end there.

Jillian was continually censored out, from all angles. Yep, ABC even censored her jeans. Huh?! Jillian jokingly sent out a pic of herself in jeans -- butt unblocked.

Viewers were tweeting about the seemingly excessive censoring of Jillian, and the jeans moment was especially confusing to many. If it was supposed to be a little inside joke, ABC didn't really try to get us all in on it.

Jordan, the woman who claimed Jillian's behind was, well, hairy, took it back on Twitter, saying she was simply intoxicated when she said that.

So, all's well that end's well -- pun intended. Anyway, no comment from ABC on why Jillian's butt was so inappropriate for TV. BUTT, we'll keep you posted. Sorry.

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