Teen comes to aid of cop, and it's her dad!

Teen Aids Cop in Hit and Run, And It's Her Father
Teen Aids Cop in Hit and Run, And It's Her Father

A woman was pulled over, suspected of driving drunk. But this traffic stop is about to take a horrifying turn.

She sped away, dragging the cop and leaving him writhing on the ground in agony. He radioed for help.

"Suspect in vehicle ran me over. My arm is severely broken," he told dispatch.

The whole drama is caught on dashcam video. Passersby rush to the officer's aid and are shocked by his injuries.

One man asked, "Is that a gun shot?"

Then, a car pulled over and a teenager leapt out to see if she can help. It is then that she made a stunning discovery.

"Daddy! Are you ok?" she exclaimed.

That's right--the injured cop was her own father and the heartbreak in her voice could clearly be heard.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney spoke to 16-year-old Faith Tatro and her dad.

McInerney asked, "When you discovered that this was your father, what went through your mind?"
Faith replied, "I watched everything happen, and once I pulled up and saw that it was him, it just really got to me."

Officer Kerstan Tatro didn't want his daughter to see him suffering and wanted her to leave, but she refused.

Faith exclaimed, "I'm so sorry! I can't leave you, dad."
Officer Kerstan told McInerney, "Nobody wants their son, their daughter, their family member to see any bad thing."

The heartpounding drama unfolded near Pensacola, Florida. Officer Tatro pulled over the silver Lexus for speeding. He says that after hearing the driver slur her words, he told her he wanted to perform a field sobriety test.

That's when she pulled away, driving over his foot and dragging him with her.
Kerstan said, "It broke both the bones in my right arm between the elbow and the wrist."

The driver didn't get very far. Police say the 30-year-old driver had drugs in her car when she was arrested just minutes later.

Officer Tatro spent three days in the hospital. But he learned one important thing from his ordeal: how much his daughter truly loves him.

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