Mother's ring missing for 20 years found in old car

Mother's Ring Missing for 20 Years Found in Old Car
Mother's Ring Missing for 20 Years Found in Old Car

A mother's lost ring has been found, and her children couldn't be happier. It only took twenty years. It belonged to Jean Daly, who died two years ago.

A man named Michael Whiting bought a car and found the ring inside. He posted to Facebook, asking people to share and help find the original owner. Thousands upon thousands of shares later, this story has an ending as golden as the ring itself.

"It's been missing a long time," one of Jean Daly's daughters said.

"To the rest of us, this ring is nothing more than a piece of jewelry, but to Debbie, Becky and her daughter, Natalie, it means everything," KNXV reporter Lauren Vargas said.

"She loved having it and she loved her kids more than anything," Becky Thorsen, one of Daly's daughters said.

"It was a mother's ring, the names of each of her five children: Becky, John, Dan, Debbie and Carl, inscribed on the top," Vargas said.

"It just means a lot to know she really is out there," Debbie Horner, one of Daly's daughters said.

The family thinks the car Whiting bought may have been used as a medical transport for their mother, and somehow along the way, she lost the ring inside.

With an old ring, Daly's family can begin the new year with smiles on their faces.

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