Man gets to fly almost alone on Delta Airlines plane

Man Live-Tweets Flying with Only One Other Passenger on Delta Flight
Man Live-Tweets Flying with Only One Other Passenger on Delta Flight

By Gillian Pensavalle

A man got his own private plane from Cleveland to New York, and it only cost him about 6 hours!

Chris O'Leary was heading from Cleveland to New York City when text alerts started coming in: His flight was delayed and he'd be home about 6 hours later than expected. He live-tweeted the whole experience, which resulted in the nicest exchange about a delayed flight. Delta apologized, saying it was because of the weather and Chris tweeted, "Believe me, I know! I know some passengers won't be as forgiving today ... so hang in there!"

When Chris finally got on a flight -- he was the only person on the plane.

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Apparently everyone else was booked on a different flight to LaGuardia airport. He got a personal safety briefing from two flight attendants and was thrilled knowing he wouldn't have to deal with any crying babies and he could recline his seat all the way back, guilt free. Then he tweeted: "The thrill is gone, you guys. Just as we were about to push back, they reconnected the jet bridge to let a second passenger on the flight." But! The other passenger slept the whole way so it was still a pretty cool experience.

This actually happens more than you might think: Planes still need to get places, regardless of how many people are on them. More often than not, though, there's a screaming baby and/or someone kicking your seat and/or a seat reclining back into your face or any number of annoying things.

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