Shocking new ISIS video appears to show young boy callously execute two Russian spies

ISIS Videos Claims To Show Young Boy Carrying Out Execution
ISIS Videos Claims To Show Young Boy Carrying Out Execution


A disturbing new Islamic State video purports to show a young boy executing two Russian spies.

The footage, made public Tuesday morning, shows the child raise a pistol at the two men while they kneel on the ground and callously murder them.

Titled "Uncovering an Enemy from Within," the video viewed by AOL News features the two victims confessing to having spied on ISIS.

Both men admit to infiltrating the terror organization on behalf of the Russian Intelligence Agency (FSB).

One of them even admits on-camera to being assigned a mission intended to culminate with the assassination of a top ISIS official.

The film, produced by al-Hayat, the Islamic State media arm, then cuts to a grim scene with both men kneeling in the woods as an adult terrorist and the boy stand behind them.

Each man is clothed in a gray robe and has a look of resignation on his face.

Neither the boy, who appears to be of Asian descent, nor his terror mentor have their face covered. The long-haired child appears in camouflage pants and a black turtle neck while holding the semi-automatic pistol in his right hand.

He is pushed forward and appears to shoot each man in the head and torso from point-blank range.

The boy then steps over the supposedly dead men and holds his gun triumphantly in the air while brandishing a smile.

Some have insisted on social media that the video was staged, but similar claims were made against other beheading videos that have since been verified.