'Antiques Roadshow:' Painting bought for $100 is worth $500K

'Antiques Roadshow:' Painting Bought for $100 Is Worth $500K
'Antiques Roadshow:' Painting Bought for $100 Is Worth $500K

It's not every day that someone can turn $100 into six figures. But on Monday night's episode of "Antiques Roadshow," one lucky woman did just that.

"Gallery price would be $500,000," said appraiser Dana Force on "Antiques Roadshow."
"Oh really?" said the painting's owner.

"When we saw the painting, we were all very excited, so it was a pleasure to be able to talk about it," said Force.

"Well, it's certainly all my pleasure," said the owner.

Yes, you heard that number right - this Joseph Kleitsch painting is valued at half a million dollars.

Kleitsch painted the piece in Laguna Beach around 1925. And the owner said her parents bought it from Kleitsch's widow in 1939 for $100 soon after he died of a heart attack.

The "Antiques Roadshow" appraiser said Kleitsch was known for his portraits, but he fell in love with landscapes when he moved to Laguna Beach.

And this specific painting of a landscape of a drugstore is a great example of that love.

Viewers on Twitter couldn't believe how big the piece's price tag ended up being, with one fan simply asking, "Why can't I have a $500,000 painting?"

That's a great question. Guess we need to schedule in some antiques shopping sometime soon.

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